Do What You Love…

I’ve taken a break from Cris Coursey the author for the last two years or so.  I have been trying to revisit, but I find it harder and harder to get back in the state of mind to get a complete thought on paper.  Whether it be writer’s block or something else… I cannot say, but it is a constant battle between my mind and fingers to finish just one.  I had all my stories, my ideas, my work on one computer.  When that computer was smashed in a freak accident, I lost my motivation.  I felt lost and my mind scrambled for a moment since that had been my escape for so long.  It didn’t matter I wasn’t on the local bookshelf, it didn’t matter that there were people who didn’t like it, I was proud and lost in the fact I had actually managed to accomplish a goal of actually putting myself out there in words.  I was able to regain most of the stuff from it, but every time I start to put words on the page now I have to focus more on keeping those feelings of losing it again from overwhelming me.  I am a creature of emotion, my best friend and my enemy.  Now I have taken a breath, vowing to start again, to finish what I started, to begin so much more.  This is my first step.


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