Life is unpleasant most times.  The least you can do is try to make another smile, because when you make someone smile it makes you feel better.  I don’t watch sad movies or read sad books, real life has too many things happening to make fantasy sad.  I am so proud when my daughter tells me about someone new.  She likes meeting people, she is nice to everyone and is a talker.  Today she was telling me about a little girl in her class that has cross eyes and how she liked purple and different things about her.  The fact the main focus wasn’t on the girl being cross eyed had me grinning, she doesn’t focus on the misfortunes and I want to be like her.  I have written here and there the last couple of nights, but go right back to redo it every time.  I feel so scattered sometimes, I just want to focus on the good.  Smile.


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