I have written several ideas out. I’ve went as far as do character profiles and plot the entire story for one. I am thinking tonight I will download my writing program and start once again on it. This will be the third start for this particular story. I wonder if I should scrap it starting a whole different idea, but I got further on this one than I did most in the last few years. I like the characters. It must help. Something has to, I feel very reluctant to start, then I do and am very much in the moment until my mind starts to wonder and I find myself putting away until the next time. A little at a time, a thousand words is nothing to put out if I can make myself. I debate pushing myself to do 3,000 a night, but I don’t want to have to force it. I never did before. Even loving the characters I would hate to force the story then find myself in a place where I don’t know where to go with it. I still have Moon plotted out on paper, but after reading the first few I have thought of pulling down and doing complete rewrites. I really hate that though, because it still feels like an accomplishment to have any put myself out there like that. So there’s my current dilemma… once again lol


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