Prayers for Marshall County

MC-LogoToday was a terrifying day for the place I grew up.  There was a school shooting.  A 15 year old student went in and opened fire, killing 2 and injuring 14 more.  This is the place I grew, small town, everybody knows everybody, kind of place.  I thought we had our wake up call 20 years ago when the Heath Shooting took place, but today was awful.  Everyone was affected.  My kids do not attend the school, but calling my best friend… Her son did.  My neighbor’s granddaughter.  People I grew up with, that I know.  I’m in shock.  I cannot imagine how those harmed must feel tonight.  I ask if you read this to send prayers to everyone.  This was a tragedy.  I’m not sure what caused it, I don’t think it matters at this point, because it has happened.  Nothing will change that fact.  I’ve got to send my children to school tomorrow and the horrible thought that keeps me upset… What if I had been the one to say goodbye to my kids for the last time?  What if I had been waiting to find out if my child was alright?  What if that was me?  I cannot begin to imagine what these parents feel. I cannot comprehend what the children that were there must feel.  To be at school, a supposedly safe place, you have to attend day after day only to have that security blanket ripped from your eyes then forced to return?  Children should learn morals, values, right and wrong.  I pray God helps these families through this tough time.  I pray people find kindness in their hearts.  I pray.  Something must change.  I wish I could home school my kids, that I could keep them safe with me away from the awful things that could happen.  I wish I knew how parents felt before when the most they had to worry about was their kid coming home with a black eye or F.  I worry every day about my children being bullied, I worry about school shootings, I worry.  Hug your children, say a prayer for the people who’s lives will never be the same after today.


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